Umm okay

The interwebs is super cool.

You're probably super nice.

I say "super" a lot.

rumour about meeee has apparently also come to fruition, I didn’t think something so stupid would actually hook so many people up. such wanker, such tosser.

one person, one drunk person, has actually been the only person to alert me of this to my face.

I feel so compelled to open the whoop-ass, but I also think it’d be better to cock my eyebrows at it, that’s hard to do though, the situation feels so intense.

exam DONNEEEEE feels good, wow, that relief.

I now have the choice of going to the big med student gathering… hgggg… I sorta wanna see people but I sorta don’t wanna, too.

I’m at this weird social point in time. 

I don’t wanna come off as super social cuz that’s tiring, I spent the whole first month like that, but that’s only worth doing if you’re truly happy doing that. I don’t think I am. I just wanna spend some time with some nice humble people. i’m in this realm of trying to break into some different social groups, and even though I know they’re probably really nice and really accepting, I’m sort of afraid that my really close-to-home groups will think I’m ditching. lol that happened in senior years.

the fear of getting too close to people and then feeling compelled to stay WITH them is now coming to fruition. i’m a bit surprised, I thought it was just a silly paranoia.

Rule # 12: Only three types of people tell the truth: kids, drunk people, and anyone who is pissed the fuck off.

—Richard Pryor  (via yuckh)

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This Vine gives me life

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